Wild Unknown Tarot Deck + Guidebook = a match made in heaven. Most people usually come back for the Guidebook eventually, so we’ve bundled them together to ensure you can get deep into the magic when your package arrives.

The Deck: 78 cards filled with magical and mysterious imagery. You'll find creatures and symbols woven into the suit of Wands, Cups, Swords, Pentacles, and Major Arcana. The cards come in a beautiful box with a black lifting ribbon. Each card is intricately illustrated by Kim Krans.

The Guidebook: An inspiring guide to all your tarot needs. It leads you through shuffling, cutting the deck, spreads, the meaning of all 78 cards, the suits, and more. Although its especially helpful for those new to the tarot, even seasoned readers will appreciate the glimpse into the concepts of the illustrations. Handwritten by Kim Krans. 200 pages.

Wild Unknown Tarot Deck + Guidebook


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